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Background documentation

Case studies

Confined masonry in the reconstruction process after the October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, by Schacher T. (2008), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, Berne, Switzerland

Design and Construction of confined masonry houses in Indonesia, by Hausler E., Hart T. and Goodell G. (2014). BuildChange, Denver, USA

Introducing confined masonry in a fragile state: the case of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, by Bartolini I. and Schacher T. (2017), SDC, Bern, Switzerland


A brief history of confined masonry and the development of guidelines,
by Hart T. and Brzev S. (2014),

Confined Masonry: Theoretical fundamentals, experimental test, finite element models and future uses,
by L. Nguyen, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Performance based seismic design of confined masonry structures,
by Alcocer S., Arias J. and Flores L., Institute of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico

Papers (Food for engineers. Architects, try to read the conclusions)

Brady K.C. amd Kavanagh J. (2002), Analysis of the stability of masonry-faced earth retaining walls, Transport Research Laboratory TRL, London, UK

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Note on proper concrete mixing proportions, SDC - CCR Haiti (2012), in French

Comparison of the compressive strength of cement blocks from Haiti and Canada, UBC Vancouver (2012),

Nota sobre el problema de bloques de hormigón de calidad, (note on the problem of quality concrete blocks) SDC (COSUDE) Ecuador 2017, in SPANISH

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